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  • Netherlands
Hoge Rijndijk 306 2314 AM
Leiden Netherlands

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Eveline Bakker works as a lawyer within De Clercq’s broad-based business law practice. Recognised in particular for her drive, ambition and persistence, Eveline works in a structured manner, heading straight for her goal and performing her daily work with infectious enthusiasm.

Education and career

Eveline graduated from Leiden University in 2016 with both a Master’s degree in Tax Law and a Master’s degree in Company Law. However, by taking a minor in Business Studies, she had already started to focus on business law during the bachelor phase of her studies, and gained valuable experience by doing various work placements during her studies. Eveline has been a valuable addition to De Clercq’s Business Law practice group since 2015.

Eveline’s daily practice

‘Within our Business Law practice group, I concentrate on liability issues, including directors’ and officers’ liability and professional indemnity. I can also advise you on disputes within companies (such as shareholder disputes), between shareholders and directors, and with third parties. My further services include giving legal advice in the area of contract law. Lastly, I am actively involved in interesting cases that focus on insolvency law and associated complex issues.’

Firm Description

The world is changing rapidly. New technologies, new relationships, new opportunities. All giving rise to new challenges, including in the legal sphere. And that is why we stay ahead of the game, looking far ahead, beyond your horizon. We identify problem areas and analyse possible solutions. Paving the way for you to change, to seize opportunities and to thrive. We are De Clercq.