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Elin Nilsson is a Senior Associate at the firm. She has an LLM from Stockholm University, Sweden, as well as from The University of Queensland, Australia. She was awarded Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence and was admitted to the Dean’s Honour Roll for her studies in Australia.

Elin Nilsson specialises in dispute resolution and acts as legal counsel in general court as well as in arbitration. The disputes involve most frequently franchise and commercial contract disputes.

Elin Nilsson is a member of the Swedish Bar Association, Young Arbitrators Sweden (YAS), Swedish Women in Arbitration Network (SWAN) and Young ICCA.

Elin Nilsson previously worked at Stockholm Arbitration & Litigation Center (SALC) Law firm, a niche commercial dispute resolution law firm, before joining Advokatfirman Nova in June 2017.

Firm Description

SALC is a boutique law firm founded June 1st, 2006 with a practice primarily focusing on national and international commercial dispute resolution but also provides our clients with corporate legal services in general.

SALC is a small, efficient and highly qualified organization with at least one senior partner always actively involved in the client matter at hand.

We have the knowledge necessary to assist our clients in any commercial dispute; national, international or cross-border. We have the commitment you as our client have been looking for. And we hang in there, because we have the devotion you do not find elsewhere.

Our clients are midsize to larger national companies, but also multinational companies with business throughout Europe, Asia and/or US. Through our international network, primarily IR GLOBAL, we can help and assist our clients in almost any jurisdiction. 

Partner Dan Engstrom holds the exclusive position within IR GLOBAL as Commercial Arbitration expert in Sweden. He is also admitted to WIPO:s list of independent international arbitrators within the intellectual property field. Engstrom is frequently appointed by ICDR/AAA as arbitrator, also sole arbitrator, in international commercial disputes. Lawyer, Ms. Elin Nilsson is a Rising Stars within the IR GLOBAL Network.

We are a tight team of highly devoted and skilled business lawyers ready to assist our clients in any commercial dispute – however always with a business-orientated mindset - but we also assist our clients in corporate or commercial matters in general. We work closely together with our clients best interest as our primarily focus. We have for a long period of time adopted a modern approach to our client’s needs, both in our way to work in tailor-made teams but also when it comes to, for example, availability, digital client-platforms and fee-models. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and most of our clients have been clients from the day the firm was founded.