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Audit / Accounting Audit: review of Financial and Accounting Statements, records and registers of the Company, operations and corporate Ledger. Issuance of reports with remarks and Auditor´s Opinion with respect to the adequacy of Accounting Statements, according to Accounting Principles (Brazilian and International), and in observance of specific legislation of the Regulatory Bodies, as CVM (Brazilian Security & Exchange Comission), BACEN (Brazilian Central Bank), SUSEP (Insurance Supervisory Board), ANS (Brazilian Health Agency), SPC (Brazilian Private Pensions Supervisory Board), CNAS (Brazilian Charitable Supervisory Board), etc.Operating and Internal Control 

critical analysis of procedures and routines adopted by the Company in the operational sphere, focused on the attainment of security, efficacy and efficiency.Computer Systems Audit: through the examination and verification of IT routine activities and electronic data processing.Labor

Audit: review and analysis of routines and procedures, in order to assure correction and compliance with Brazilian labor legislation, as well as Brazilian Public Social Security System.

Tax Audit: review and analysis of tax calculation, in terms of tax basis, applicable rates, additions, deductions, and compensations; analysis of tax books, documents and ancillary obligations; structure and review of tax returns and statements of natural persons and legal entities.

In order to perfect the tax and corporate control, we maintain an ongoing program of detailed analysis of the applicable legislation. Accounting and Consulting services compliant with Brazilian Statutory Accounting Principles, specific technical rules and legislation in force in Brazil, issued by CVM - Brazilian Security & Exchange Commission, IBRACON - Brazilian Institute of Chartered Accountants, CFC - Accounting Federal Council, as well as by the CRCs - Accounting State Councils.

Accounting Execution and Consulting in compliance with International principles such as: IASC, USGAAP/FASB, HGB, etc.Consulting in corresponding tax corporate and labor legislation aspects.Preparation of Financial and Accounting Statements in Foreign Currency, and respective currency translation. Real Estate / Assessment of Fixed Assets.Value-added Taxes - Special Invoice Accounting and Expertise (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS).Payroll, PAYE, Employment & Labor Routine Outsourcing (partial or total).

The Accounting and Outsourcing Department seeks to optimize the cost/benefit ratio of a complete or partial outsourcing of the clients Accounting Department.

Our services are carried out and reviewed by professionals who keep up to date with the dynamic Brazilian fiscal and economical scenario.

Firm description

Our Staff and Internal Structure:

The development of our activities have been demonstrating that efficient programs are not enough, because they might be applied, not by elements trained specifically for this, but by professionals formed and effective experience of the involved areas, who may, according to their knowledge, go beyond the limits of the works' range, if necessary.

This way, Confidor disposes, within the Internal Staff, of a supervision and revision level of professionals with knowledge and comproved experience in the accounting and legal areas. These employees receive internal and external training, which continously looks for their technical improving.

The professionals in the supervision level must have at least five (5) years of experience in the area.This structuring line has a significant individual cost, but, as a whole, the range of the work is greater, and the objectives are quicklier reached, with lower cost, what influences directly on the fee factor. 

Working Philosophy:

Our organization works continously in the direction of modernity, with a detached quality of work, mainly through alternative ways to offer the services with even more acessible fees, through rationalization of costs and procedures.  Audit Expertise - Subsidiaries of European CompaniesConcerning the Audit Reports for subsidiaries or companies with headquarters in Europe, CONFIDOR can prepare the financial statements according to the standards of the European Union (EU) and/or the precepts of IASC. For subsidiaries of German companies, the financial statements are prepared according to the Directives of the EU and/or the German legislation, "Bilanzrichtlinien-Gesetz" (BILRILIG). The audited Financial Statements prepared according to the principles of the European Union may be accompanied by Audit Certificates in German, English or Spanish.

Audit Expertise - Subsidiaries of North American ComapaniesWhen auditing US-subsidiary companies or investments of companies headquartered in the United States and North-America, CONFIDOR can do the financial statements according to the USGAAP, and present them in technical English.

In the current state of macroeconomic globalization, when stock options are listed in the major stock exchanges worldwide, unification of accounting rules for a better comparison of the financial statements becomes more and more important.

The audit programs are continuously expanded and adapted in order to get from the analysis of audit reports all the special complementary information required for consolidation abroad.