Dr Jeanne-Mari Retief

Attorney / Legal Project Facilitator CALIBRICS – Innovative Legal Strategies

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  • South Africa

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  • Human Rights
Suite 31, Pinegowrie, Randburg, 2123
Randburg South Africa

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Dr Jeanne-Mari Retief

LLB LLM LLD (UP) Admitted Attorney (2009)

Registered Prince2 Practitioner, Belbin Accredited

Jeanne-Mari started her career at the University of Pretoria Law Clinic providing legal services to the poor and marginalised. This ultimately put her on her current path toward human rights, being admitted as an attorney, and receiving a Doctorate in international law, with a focus on international humanitarian law and international criminal law. Her thesis concerns the practice of extraordinary rendition and ultimately asks whether this practice can be defined as a crime in international law and be prosecuted as such. 

She has published various articles and reports, and has completed legal research on important issues related to human rights. In 2013 she founded CALIBRICS and has completed projects for key stakeholders in the legal arena.  She has extensive experience in facilitating legal projects, specifically with a human rights focus.  She also holds her Prince 2 Project Management qualification and is Belbin accredited, which gives her the unique ability to co-ordinate teams and manage successful projects.

She is known for her creative and passionate approach to the evolution of a modern legal profession, and serves on Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s African Expert Group on International Criminal Justice.  She has presented conferences, seminars and other presentations on a wide range of legal issues both at home and abroad.

Firm Description

CALIBRICS Vision & Mission

  • Make meaningful differences
  • Add value
  • Provide quality services
  • Never compromise on integrity

CALIBRICS facilitates a wide range of legal projects with a human rights focus.  We ensure facilitation of any legal project from start to successful finish.  From planning and strategizing, research and co-ordination, to final implementation we offer turn-key solutions which include:

- Legal Project facilitation

- Consulting on Legal Projects / Research

- Legal research

- Strategy sessions and think tanks

- Drafting (reports, project plans, proposals)

- Training

- Project co-ordination and implementation

- Reporting

- Legal editing and quality assurance

- Conference/colloquium planning and presentation

Areas of Expertise

We specialise in:

- Human Rights Law

- Electoral Democracy

- Voter Education

- Gender Equality

- Advancing and promoting opportunities for female leadership in the legal profession

- International Humanitarian Law

- International Human Rights Law

- Extradition Law

- Extraordinary Rendition