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Dr. iur. Johannes Grabher

Partner advocatio Attorneys at Law Grabher Dür

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Pflugstrasse 28,
Vaduz PO Box 1610, 9490 Liechtenstein

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Dr. iur. Johannes Grabher | eMBA | Fiduciary Expert 


  •     Degree in Law (Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck)
  •     Doctorate in Law (Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck)
  •     Postgraduate diploma in Fiduciary Services (University of Liechtenstein)
  •     Postgraduate diploma: Executive Master of Business Administration in Wealth Management (University of Liechtenstein)
  •     Bar examination Liechtenstein in 2003
  •     Bar examination Austria in 2006 

Professional experience

  •     One year working for a well-known trust company in Liechtenstein
  •     Two years trainee lawyer at a law-firm in Liechtenstein
  •     independent attorney-at-law in Liechtenstein since 2004; advocatio partner since 2010 


  •      Liechtenstein Bar Association
  •      Liechtenstein Arbitration Association
  •      European Association of Lawyers DACH 


  •     German
  •     English

Firm Description

advocatio is an independent boutique law firm specialized in litigation and advisory in corporate, commercial and banking matters.


Our commitment to remaining totally independent from any official and private players and to refraining from any engagement in fiduciary services (i.e. administration of foundations, trusts and offshore-companies) impedes conflicts of interest and allows for impartial advice and representation, particularly in fiduciary and trust matters.

Core Values

Our mission is to provide our clients with individually tailored high quality services in selected practice areas, where we have specialist expertise. Thereby we understand expertise as a combination of profound knowledge, experience, efficiency and permanent training. Being aware that legal questions make up only one aspect of a business problem we are used to consider economic aspects and impacts in our legal analysis and advice.

As partner-led law-firm we are flexible enough to adapt consequently to the requirements of our clients who expect excellent service. The profession of attorney-at-law essentially lies in looking after and protecting the interests of the client, which means putting our clients’ interests and success before our own in all matters. Therefore the rigorous avoidance of conflicts of interests, an open communication with our clients, a reasonable and transparent billing policy as well as the treatment of sensitive information with the utmost confidence are guiding principles in our daily work.

Practice Areas

  • Corporate law (including foundation and trust law)
  • Banking and financial market law
  • General commercial and business law
  • Insolvency law
  • Civil proceedings and arbitration
  • EU and EEA commercial and regulatory law
  • Criminal law (specialising in white-collar crime)

Specialised services

  • Set-up advice: impartial counselling of settlors of Liechtenstein foundations, trusts and other investment vehicles
  • Scrutiny of the conduct of fiduciaries, trustees, board members, asset managers etc.
  • Litigation and arbitration for settlors and beneficiaries of Liechtenstein foundations, trusts and companies, particularly in legal actions for damages
  • Representation of settlors, beneficiaries and investors in cases of malpractice of fiduciaries, trustees, officers, financial service providers etc.
  • Legal opinions and counselling in all matters of Liechtenstein corporate, commercial and banking law, particularly for contracting partners and banks
  • Commercial litigation and debt collection for foreign contracting partners of Liechtenstein companies
  • Representation of victims of white collar crimes
  • Legal representation in attachment and account freezing procedures