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153 Summer Street - Andover , Massachusetts 01810
Andover United States

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Experienced leader in M&A transactions and Organic Growth for companies of all sizes. Proven track record in developing strategy while also delivering the tactical execution required for creating growth. Is a cross-functional leader who can drive teams to exceed goals. Demonstrated success internationally with the ability to tailor initiatives to local geographies while meeting global objectives.

A few key achievements include:

* Turning an inherited 3% Organic Vitality Rate (% of sales created by new products) into a projected ~20% Organic Vitality Rate within two years.
*Successfully launched a German business group into a completely new market segment. Company went from being a non-player to a "innovator" and a "market disruptor" (according to independent market research reports) within one year.
*Led a global business group within a Fortune 500 business group to double it's volume within five years.
*Helped create a start-up that became the largest IPO in the State of Oregon in the 1990's.
*Launched a company from inception to $18 Mil in sales within two years.

Firm Description

A small, hard-working M&A and Business Advisory consulting firm that is focused on the Medical Industry. While we are based in MA, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success for our U.S. and International clients.

With over 30 years of combined Global experience in the Medical Device, BioTech and OEM MedTech Industries, we understand that if you are under $50 million there are not a lot of dedicated resources to help you succeed. This is where we come in.

We have worked for small, medium and large companies in the US and internationally. We understand that small and medium size companies need a special and unique focus to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

Our passion is to help you WIN! We have a successful track record. Talk to us and let's see how we can help make your roadmap to success a great one!

Our Services

If you're involved in the Medical Industry, we will help you achieve your goals in the following areas:

1. M&A - Sell Side Advisory - help you position yourself for a successful exit and maximum value;

2. M&A - Buy Side Advisory - we act as your "outsourced B,D&L team" to help you grow thru finding and obtaining targeted, strategic acquisition candidates;

3. Commercialization Projects - we help companies obtain local, regional and international distribution partners and global alliances for the purposes of organic growth.

4. Value Improvement Partner - we will be your partner to improve the your business to ensure it continues to maximize it's market value for today and tomorrow.

It's not easy to navigate in today's landscape of changing market dynamics. We know that. So it takes a unique approach to be successful.

How are you approaching the challenge? Are you facing roadblocks or not getting the results you were looking for?

We are a different type of consulting service company. We look at your business and create solutions targeted to your needs.

We focus on your most critical issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional expertise, while being known for our positive and creative approach to work.

We love what we do as we partner with our clients to bring them success. The best thing about our services is that YOU decide what YOU want to engage us for.

We will analyze what you are doing currently and give you feedback. We will build a plan for you and give you a checklist to help you achieve your own success or help you implement. And if you want to do it alone that's ok too. Whatever you need - it's all possible. We welcome your introductory phone call or email anytime.