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Gorostiaga 1765. Piso 15 – Dto. A
Buenos Aires Argentina

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Carlos Picos Argentina is dedicated to local and international business consultancy providing accounting, administrative, fiscal and labor market, both local and foreign companies.

In Global View Accounting & Consulting, we work with professionals with over 20 years of experience in business consulting, accounting and taxation, serving regional and international market.

We believe that the success of a firm depends on the professional and human quality of the members, therefore, all our staff has constantly updated in each of their areas.

We are motivated by the excellence, based and focused in our customer’s satisfaction. In our daily basis we try to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Providing personalized service to fit customer rquirements
  • To have an organizational structure totally focused in our customers
  • Defining precisely the people in which we are going to focus our services
  • To offer the right price

Our Mission:

Being a regional reference in terms of International Tax Planning Some of our main services: 

  • Accounting and Tax Advice
  • Argentinean companies
  • Financial and Tax Advice
  • Trademark and domain registration
  • Human Resources consulting
  • Notary and Legal procedures
  • Registration of foreign companies in Argentina

Firm Description

At Carlos Picos Argentina we are dedicated to provide local and international advice to companies offering tax, legal and accounting services to local and foreign firms.

We are a firm with more than 25 years of international experience and activity with a strong presence in Argentina since 2005.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that the essence of productivity is expertise and with that aim we have developed three specific areas.

- Tax Counseling

- Legal Counseling

- Accounting Counseling

We focus on understanding the reality of our customers’ businesses in order to provide them with answers according to their needs and a correct advice either in legal, tax or accounting areas.