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Bosco de Gispert Segura

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Avda Diagonal 416, pral 1ª, 08037
Barcelona Spain

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Bosco is a longstanding member of IR Global and will be continuing as a Committee Member for the Latin American Forum and Commercial Group in 2020.

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Graduate in law at the University of Barcelona in 1998 after studying for a year at Universittà degli studi di Bologna. Joined the bar of Barcelona in 2001. After working for a few months in Scottish Legal Firms, he joined Grupo Gispert in 2000. He finally became a partner of the Firm in 2014. He has mainly been working on Commercial and Litigation affairs. He played a determining part in major bankruptcy cases (Spanair, Clínica Sant Jordi, Cromosoma, Joventut de Barcelona), in addition to his interventions in various debt restructuring cases.

In terms of Corporate Law, he has dealt with cases involving M&A, due diligence, competition, partner separations and conflicts in corporations, both in Courts cases and settlements.

In addition, he is a member of the Barcelona Court of Arbitration and the Madrid Chamber of Arbitration.

Languages: English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan

Firm Description

Chairman: Juan Ignacio de Gispert

Managing Partner: Cristina Delgado

Number of partners: 7

Number of lawyers: 20

Languages: Catalonian, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
With over 70 years’ experience Grupo Gispert is a leading Barcelona based company that provides high added-value legal and economic services. Its customers are modern companies requiring qualified specialists and impeccable service. The firm is discerning, efficient and professional, and provides a service that covers the global needs of its customers.

Main Areas of Practice:
Insolvency, Restructuring & Bankruptcy:
When insolvency is unavoidable, the support of a specialised team should be sought. Today, having a good lawyer is not enough, since the complexity involved in new insolvency processes requires a multi-disciplinary team that can cover both legal and economic aspects. This team should have proven experience in insolvency, a global perspective, the ability to manage companies in crisis and negotiating skills. Prevention, specialisation and a multidisciplinary team are the differentiating factors in Grupo Gispert insolvency services. Their lawyers and economists are regularly designated by the courts as liquidators in insolvency proceedings. Its experience as liquidators in insolvency proceedings and its team, allows the firm to take a global perspective. Grupo Gispert is different because it offers services that cover the various aspects of pre-insolvency and insolvency in relation to legal, financial and mediation needs. These services include: pre-insolvency audit, business restructuring, negotiation and prior labour force adjustment plans (LFAP) processing, negotiation with creditors, processing insolvencies and legal representation and defence of directors.

Grupo Gispert has been a reputed firm specialising in Corporate Law for more than 70 years. It provides a service that goes beyond the classic commercial firms because it offers a consultant’s perspective which covers the legal, economic and taxation aspects of a company. Services include: due diligence, restructuring, business sale and purchase, mergers and divisions, comprehensive legal and tax consultancy, preparing and holding General Meetings and Councils.

The reputation of Grupo Gispert as one of the leading civil law firms in Barcelona can be traced back to the 1940s. Nowadays, a modern perspective on civil law needs to be complemented by in-depth knowledge about taxation. This comprehensive perspective is what distinguishes the service offered by the firm, providing guidance on: probate planning, family business protocols, lawsuits, family mediation, negotiation and contracts between companies and individuals

Human Resources departments need consultants who are always up-to-date and who offer an agile service with full availability. As well as being available and agile, Grupo Gispert employment law specialists offer excellent technical abilities and proven experience in the following areas: labour force adjustment plans (LFAP) and collective negotiation (with and without creditors’ meetings), employment disputes, comprehensive legal advice for the HR department, top management contracts, mediation, employment audits and risk prevention guidance.

Reducing the taxation imposed on a company requires long-term planning and a global perspective. The tax section of Grupo Gispert consists of expert lawyers and economists working in multi-disciplinary teams with extensive experience in the tax-related complexities of a company.
Tax legislation frequently refers to accounting regulations, for this reason the teams include experts in law and finance and accounting specialists.
The tax section of Grupo Gispert specialises in: general taxes, transfer prices, business restructuring, top management contracts, family business protocols, defence against the public authorities, tax disputes and local taxes

Administrative Law & Town Planning:
The firm has extensive experience in expropriation and claims against the public authorities and employs a range of external technical consultants (architects, engineers, qualified experts, etc.), which is essential in this type of claims. It also offers legal guidance in all types of proceedings: both following the administrative route and appearing before Contentious Courts.
The multidisciplinary teams allow appearing before Economic-Administrative Courts in order to deal with taxation issues since the firm work with lawyers and economists with proven experience. Grupo Gispert offers comprehensive guidance on: expropriation, partial plans and town planning, and penalties

Economic & Financial Consultancy:
Grupo Gispert consultancy services are different because they take the economic, financial, accounting, legal and employment aspects of a company into account. In order to be able to do this, Grupo Gispert has an experienced team of economists, MBAs, tax experts and lawyers who advise business people and managers on the strategic and operational decisions made by company directors. Within this sector, Grupo

Gispert specialises in: valuing companies, restructuring, expert reports: economic, accounting and financial, advice on business sale and purchase.

Contact: Mr. Bosco de Gispert
Tel: +34 93 459 40 71