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Arvind Rao

Director and Chief Executive Officer August Consulting (India) Private Limited

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Arvind Rao is August Consulting’s Director and Chief Executive Officer. 

He has strong strategic and tactical management skills and combines them with a passion to develop services that make a positive difference to Clients. Prior to founding August Consulting, Arvind was heading Corporate Services in Ernst & Young, Mumbai. He has brought together several years of experience in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, dyes, advanced plastics, telecommunications and consulting.

Arvind has also traveled extensively and his experience of working in Europe gives him an edge. In addition to his rich private-sector experience, Arvind worked in public accounting for Deloitte & Touche in Mumbai. Arvind's experience there included audits of public and private companies, banks, trusts and government agencies entities.

Arvind graduated from the University of Mumbai in 1982 and, holds a Degree in Commerce. He is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. His excellent people management skills helps the Company retain its skilled staff over the years.

Firm description

We are an outsourcing organization with professionals working to ensure that we can provide the highest quality services to companies from all over the world.

August Consulting (India) Private Limited was established in 2002 to assist companies in all matters related to financial accounting, management information and statutory compliance. The services have been developed with an integrated approach – taking legal and regulatory requirements, best corporate practices and business needs into consideration.  

Operating closely with our clients, we understand their specific goals and requirements. This in turn forms the basis for all our service lines. We hire people who are groomed to deliver their best. We invest continuously in their development and adhering rigorously to a set of values that are core to everything we do.

Our clients value our experience in local accounting methods and statutory compliance. Developing a close working relationship, we build client confidence and help them focus on their goals better. Effectiveness in what we do and, being accepted by our clients is the first step towards a strong, lasting relationship.