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Abiodun Owonikoko

Managing Partner Synergy Attornies

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  • Nigeria

Exclusive IR Member for:

  • Banking & Finance
Synergy Suites, Lorita Chalets, Opp. Census, Off Babs Animashaun Street, Surulere, Lagos State
Lagos Nigeria

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Abiodun Owonikoko Esq., SAN is the exclusive IR member for:

• Banking & Finance

He is also well versed in:

1. Dispute Resolution through Advocacy (in both trial and appellate courts),  Arbitration & other Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADR)
2. Corporate, Secretarial, Commercial and Investment Services (including but not limited to incorporation of companies, registration of business names and incorporated trustees, filing, processing and obtaining Certified True Copies of necessary Forms at Corporate Affairs Commission)
3. Corporate reconstructions with particular emphasis on industrial relations and labour issues
4. Foreign Judgment/Awards enforcement
5. Solicitor’s advisory support service on the legal aspect of emerging local and international investment opportunities such as power, oil & gas, telecommunication as well as International Finance Law
6. Statutory reform advocacy and legislative lobby
7. Constitutional litigation and advisory services

Firm Description

We are a Nigerian law firm with a robust pedigree.

Our Mission Statement:

To constantly deliver top quality legal service in the knowledge that our paying clients deserve nothing less and to constantly motivate ourselves to prove that Synergy is group energy multiplied by itself.

Our Vision:

Medium Term: To expand by branching into a truly national and high street law firm projecting effective presence in all 36 state capitals in Nigeria while replicating the high standards and operating systems in every branch.

Long Term: To form the hub of a continental law firm with recognizable reputation in every region of Africa in the next 10-15 years by taking advantage of the integration goals of NEPAD all over Africa.

Practice Philosophy:

Team and group synergy is the unique selling point that underlines our practice. Being specialist oriented, we are able to impact on our clients the advantages of deep-end skill and diligence that come from concentrating in a niche practice area of law.

We are committed to leveraging on the strength of integrated delivery of expert professional legal service by creating a platform for brief-specific, multi-firm collaboration amongst different law experts in the execution of complex legal briefs.

This approach contrasts with the traditional character of universal legal practice that hitherto held sway among Nigerian law firms. The essence being to migrate on the down side of our legal/justice system that is unbearably slow and inefficient for serious business.

A legal practice which is structured to minimize on these limitations is what quality and value-driven clients of today desire and deserve. We are thus in the bracket of new generation law firms in Nigeria that benchmark the quality of their service delivery against international standards.

How we work:

Typically, we proactively approach our practice with the understanding that Nigeria is a nation in transition from old socio-economic system and values to a new legal order. Recognition is accorded to the compelling need for fast-paced, creative and yet result driven response to emerging challenges which are either government policy-driven or business driven.

Clients will find that our legal practice internalizes and reflects sensitivity to best practices and values as well as to optimize local options in global opportunities. It is in order to get value out of this opportunity that Synergy Attornies emerged in 1999 as an off-shoot of an earlier partnership dating back to 1989.

Value Delivery Strategy:

We make deliberate commitment to benchmarking our practice against internationally acceptable standards in the legal profession.

We gladly out-source for requisite expertise in case of skill gap.
We readily advise firming-out briefs where our client may get better value by the arrangement.
Our brief and clientele profile is reasonable diversified, helped by combining with other quality law firms to execute briefs with top quality service.

We adopt result-centred and most efficient service delivery system. In this wise, our clients are assisted to pre-empt and anticipate legal problems. We recommend litigation only as a last mile when other alternatives have been exhausted.

Save in exceptional cases, we do not work on locked retainership in order to stay free of limitation to our professional independence.

Synergy Attornies constantly monitors profiles of other top rated law firms in the country for necessary collaboration with us either as consultants or as brief specific partners.


Synergy Attornies has an in-house professional staff of ten (10) lawyers in two main offices located in Lagos and Abuja. We also have access to lawyers in our affiliate office in Jos. Our lawyers have varied professional backgrounds and this enhances the capacity of the firm to provide qualitative legal services.

As a rule, every lawyer is fully integrated into the basic practice information to assist clients at short notice but there is always a specific lawyer to give personalized attention to individual clients.